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Reventi AB provides consulting and a wide range of services. With over 10 years of experience and a multitude of different projects, Reventi is confident that we can satisfy your companies needs, and then some.

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Pontus Welin

Pontus Welin, Reventi AB

I want to work in an environment that promotes creativity,

with creative people who are there because they really want to be there. I want to do something creative that has the potential to make people’s worlds better.

Since I am good at programming and like to program, that is how I see myself make the world better.
There are endless things that can make people’s worlds better and as long as I develop and as long as I feel that I am doing good, there are no limits.

Who knows where the future might lead!

Software Engineering Consulting

I am an experienced software engineer with over five years in the business. My biggest strength is a strong grounding in the real world and a connection to the users and the world they are in.

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In House Development

Sometimes I make apps. If I get a good idea I will do something about it and see where it goes. It’s a creative endeavour that can be very rewarding.

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Singing is another of my passions. A bit different from the rest of what I do. But just as fun and rewarding.

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